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Relationship, Sex and Health Education (RSE)


At Twydall, RSE forms an integral part of PSHE and the wider curriculum and cover all relevant objectives highlighted below (See mapping document). We ensure that RSE is matched to the needs of our pupils by regularly reviewing objectives and assessing the needs of pupils individually. At Twydall, we have a high percentage of pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), therefore, teachers respond to the needs of the children and are proactive in ensuring that they are adapting their lessons specific needs. 


We use the 1deviison programme in our school because all objectives and lessons are planned around the DfE guidance and statutory requirements and have been checked and PSHE Association Quality Assured. The 1decision scheme allows teachers to understand the overview of the RSE curriculum (see mapping document below). This comprehensive map means that teachers are knowledgeable about the learning journey of pupils at Twydall and can assess the needs of individuals effectively.   

Our RSE programme is delivered through discrete PSHE lessons, where children work through age appropriate activities that planned by teachers and delivered in a variety of ways to engage and inspire pupils. In addition to this, our RSE programme in embedded throughout the wider school curriculum through assemblies, circles times and other opportunities. This approach helps our pupils deepen their understanding and makes learning relevant by linking learning to our local area, current issues and themes within society. 

Our RSE programme is delivered by teachers and higher level teaching assistants. Sex education is delivered only by teachers. Teaching should include explanation of knowledge, facts and concepts and provide adequate opportunities for pupils to recall the acquired knowledge, facts and concepts to develop an understanding of the topic. 


The educational and personal needs of our pupils develop in line with varying societal pressures and economic change. Our aim is to provide RSE that is relevant and tailored to meet the needs of our pupils, depending on their age and stage of personal development. For this reason, we review the RSE curriculum yearly, and will inform parents of any revisions to the School policy or sex education curriculum.