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Welcome to our parents information page

The links from this page provide parents with important information relevant to activities and events in school, contain copies of letters to parents as well as information about Internet safety.

Any upcoming events and activities in school can be found HERE.

If you require paper copies of any of the information provided on our website, please contact a member of the office staff.

Working Together

AS A SCHOOL WE WILL TRY TO:                           

  • Provide a happy, safe and secure learning environment
  • Provide your child with a balanced broad curriculum
  • Provide a high standard of teaching across the curriculum which enables children to achieve to the best of their ability, and reach their full potential
  • Prepare children for the next stage in life
  • Keep you regularly informed of your child’s progress and achievements
  • Make every effort to contact you promptly with any concerns we may have as and when they arise


  • Ensure my/our child school regularly and on time
  • Support the school’s behaviour discipline policy
  • Ensure my/our child keeps the schools, in particular with regard to safety issues, wearing jewellery and school uniform
  • Inform the school promptly of anything (both in and out of school) which may affect my/our child’s behaviour or performance at school
  • Ensure that the school or pupils are not discussed on social media website
  • Support and encourage my/our child in their home learning.


  • Come to school every day on time
  • Always try to do my best
  • Keep the school rules and wear my school uniform with pride
  • Be polite and respectful towards others
  • Look after our school and other people’s belongings
  • Work and play safely