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Intent - What are we trying to achieve with our curriculum?

At Twydall, our aim is to equip children with the tools needed to engage with an increasingly technological world in an effective and safe way. Children are able to experience different software and programming, as well as explore the importance of online safety, to become knowledgeable and responsible users of technology in its many forms. Also, with technology changing all the time, we strongly believe our children should learn to search the internet correctly, to interact with other users respectfully and to recognise inappropriate content. We aim for all children to leave Twydall with a solid foundation of technological skills for their further learning in KS3 and the wider world. 

Implementation – How is our curriculum delivered?

At Twydall, we follow the Rising Stars computer scheme, which gives children lots of opportunities to explore new software, programming and uses for technology that both open future avenues and are relevant to the wider world. Due to the skills being learnt, computing is often taught discreetly; however, we strive to use these skills in other areas of the curriculum where possible. Through software such as ‘Scratch’, our curriculum offers many opportunities for children to progress their computing skills, starting with simple algorithms and building up to creating games and animated stories. Exposure to a range of software, including word processing and digital art software, across our curriculum also helps children to secure their understanding of both software and computing language, which will grow as they do. 

Impact – How do we know?

Children at Twydall are knowledgeable and responsible users of digital technology. We save examples of work to our school network to show progress in learning, and we showcase our learning in our specialist computer suite. Our Rising Stars curriculum allows us to ensure children are covering a wide range of skills and knowledge, and are progressing each year and across key stages. 

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