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Twydall Primary School

Twydall Primary School

Care, Courtesy, Commitment and
Consideration in our Community

Governing Body

During the Covid 19 pandemic in the academic year 2019-20, we had a fall in Governor numbers due to resignations, and we were unable to recruit new Governors because of the lockdown situation. Therefore, an Interim Advisory Board was established to assume the responsibilities of the Governing Body and to challenge, monitor and support the school. The Interim Board is comprised of local Governors and Trustees. 

We have now recruited new governors whom have a range of impressive skills.  We are also in the process of holding parent and staff Governor elections, and have a transition plan in place, with the aim of re-instating the Local Governing Body in April. This will allow for Governors new to the role to develop their capabilities alongside experienced Trustees and Governors. 

The Interim Advisory Board is responsible for the overall operation of the school. Once re-established the Governing Body will take back these responsibilities, which are delegated by the Trust via the Terms of Reference . Many responsibilities are delegated to monitoring pairs who visit the school up to 3 times per year.

Parent Governors are an important part of the Governing Body and elections are held when vacancies arise and information asking for nominations is distributed to all parents.

You can contact the Governing Body/Interim Advisory Board through the school or by email via the Clerk, Mel Greener.

Schools Financial Benchmarking Service

Chair of Interim Advisory Board:
Terry Whittaker
Trustee members of the Interim Advisory Board
Local Governors:

Mick Horton (Co-opted and Vice-Chair or Governors)

Rev. Mike Nelson (Co-opted)

Mark Prenter (Co-opted)

Matt Norris (Co-opted)

Kim Shersby (Co-opted)

Liam Heffernan (Co-opted)

Shakir Chowdhury (Co-opted)

Katie Slane (Co-opted)

Kerry James (Parent)

Amy Alchin (Parent)

Gemma Simpson (Staff) - Safeguarding and Inclusion Governor

Neal Purser (Staff)

Vacancies: There are currently no vacancies