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Twydall Primary School

Twydall Primary School

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Whole School Art Project

‘Only one you’ by Linda Kranz – Whole School Art Project

LI: Can I learn to use a story as inspiration for an artwork?

We have decided to carry out a whole school art project, which you can be involved in whether you are in school, or at home!

The project is inspired through a lovely story called ‘Only one you’ by Linda Kranz. The artwork we are going to create will look something like this:


· Read the story (with an adult or sibling if required).

· Discuss the themes with family or chat with friends online or via telephone: friendship, transition (moving on), loyalty, individuality, kindness, art, well-being…

· Find a smooth rock or pebble.

· Use permanent markers or paint to decorate like the ones above.

· Write your name on the underside.

· Take photos and upload to Teams or Tapestry. You can also send to your teachers via email.

· Keep somewhere safe so that you can add it to the display when you come back to school.

Please see the attached PowerPoint.