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Twydall Primary School

Twydall Primary School

Care, Courtesy, Commitment and
Consideration in our Community

Messages from your Teachers

Hazel Class


Hi Hazel class

Hope you are all keeping well.
It has been lovely to see all your photos and work on Tapestry.
You have been very busy practising maths, making robots, designing rockets and decorating biscuits.
I am missing school so it is lovely to see your pictures.
Mrs Lodge
Hi Hazel class,
I hope you are all doing well and keeping safe.
I have seen that lots of you have been practising your maths on AbacusLearn and it has been lovely to see pictures of you doing your home learning.
Mrs Lodge

Maple Class

Good morning Year 6! Let's have another fantastic day! Well done to all of you for logging in every day and completing your learning assignments - you're doing brilliantly! Remember to take regular breaks, the weather today is lovely and I will be outside reading a book at some point (I recommend you do the same 🙂) Keep it up! Mr Purser

Birch Class

Dear Birch Class, 
I am missing you all so much! This is a very strange time but I am so proud of you all and you are all doing amazing! I am looking forward to hearing about all the different learning and activities you have been doing at home. If you like, draw me pictures of what you've been doing! Stay safe. 
Lots of love, 
Miss Thornton xx

Cedar Class

Hello Cedar class
How are you all? I hope you are OK and not getting too bored as you cannot meet up with your friends. 
This is a very strange time and we all need to help each other. You need to help your parents and carers at home because life is hard for them at the moment. As you know the year 4 teachers have been busy putting lots of learning on to 365. A big thank you to those of you who have already completed  some of the tasks. Mia has done a fantastic Peter Blake picture! However some of you have not yet started the assignments. They are going on each day and you will fall behind. There is a suggested timetable on the school website. Please remember that you should do your learning even though we are not at school. In addition please remember that all the assignments can be done on line. We do not want your parents and carers printing sheets off as this is expensive. It is also important that you have some time away from the screen, get up and exercise a bit.  
So Cedar class a great big thank you again for those who have completed some assignments. Please start if you haven't. Remember to help a bit at home and I hope everyone is safe and well. 
Q. Why did the nose refuse to go to school?
A. It was tired of being picked on.
Q. If I have 9 oranges in one hand and 8 bananas in the other what do I have?
A. Big hands!
The past, the present and the future all walked into a bar. It was tense.
Take care Cedar class
Mr Brackley😎

Hawthorn Class

Hey guys!
I hope you’re all staying safe and being good at home. Make sure you get some fresh air in the garden throughout the day and stay active!
I’m missing our maths lessons of craziness but I know you’ll all be working hard at home like the superstars you are. 
Hope you’re not missing me too much! 
Miss T 

Oak Class

Hello Oak Class
I hope you are all keeping well.  I hear you have been very busy completing the work that has been set.  Remember to try your best and to use your neatest handwriting.  I hope you are behaving for your grown-ups and listening to them. Make sure you still have lots of fun and play with your toys.  If you would like to share any photos of your activities, ask your grown up to share them to the Facebook group, which I am regularly looking at.  I'd love to see some of the fun things you are getting up to.  I've spoken to Mrs Cave and we both miss you and your cheeky smiles and laughs.  Hope to see you soon.  
Love Mrs Willing and Mrs Cave
Hi year 2
I am very excited that we now have Tapestry and can't wait to see all the learning you are doing at home.  Miss England and myself have been very busy planning activities for you to show your grown-ups how clever you are.  Most activities don't require any printing but you will need paper and a pencil to complete them.  I have been doing some learning too and can now change a piece of writing into a photo.  This will make it easier for your grown-ups to access the documents needed.  I will be checking daily to see all your fabulous work  and there will be a shout out at the end of the week for the child who has done the best learning.
Keep being good for your grown-ups.  
Mrs Willing

Palm Class

Hi Palm Class,

I am missing you all very much but have seen pictures of some of the brilliant learning you are doing at home and I know you are all still working very hard. I have taken Paul the polar bear home with me and he has been very impressed with your work this year. He has been putting lots of stickers on it. Remember to use those fingers for finger spaces. Remember to practice those times tables. Remember you can all be a pioneer if you want to, and now would be a very good time to plan your next invention (maybe a magic soap or toilet paper that never runs out). Most importantly, remember you are all super stars and I am sending a massive virtual marshmallow clap to you all. Yes you can eat it!

Pine Class

Hi Pine Class.
I am missing you all!
I can't wait to see/hear the different learning and activities that have been taking place at home.
I am so proud of you all!
Love from Mrs Beard x

From Miss. Fewtrell

Missing you all,
Please stay home, if you can and stay safe.
Looking forward to seeing you all soon. 
Miss Fewtrell

Spruce Class

Hello Spruce!

I hope you're all well and keeping safe in this strange time. Although I would love to have you all back in my classroom and teach you face-to-face we unfortunately have to do our learning online. 

It's really important that you do you learning online to make sure that all the hard work you've done, and the progress you've all made this year doesn't go to waste! I am really impressed and very proud of the wonderful work that has been sent in so far!
I can't wait to see you all again and hear about the exciting things you've been up to at home. I actually miss my class a bit (believe it or not)! 
Keep safe, and try not to miss me too much! 😎
Mr Sandhu

Juniper Class

Hi Juniper!
We hope you are adjusting well at home and staying safe!
This is a difficult and confusing time for everyone, but we know that you will all be trying your very best and being the amazing people that you are!
Keep working hard, remember to take regular breaks and enjoy the sunshine!
Read books, draw, paint and be creative, use those brilliant minds 😊
We hope to see you soon, miss you ❤
Mrs Busby
Good morning Year 6 and well done for completing your first full week of virtual learning (almost) - you guys are amazing!  Please remember to have a go at the RE today as this is your PM assignment and also, as always, please make sure you take breaks, get fresh air and stay away from devices for at least some of the day!  Oh, and Joe Wicks is about to start his PE session in 2 mins. Let's see how many of you have a go...  With regard to assignments, please make sure you are accessing these through the assignments page and that in order to get full recognition and points, you upload to the assignment and click 'hand in' - work is getting lost in the stream of messages on the 'chat' page and it makes it difficult for teachers to give you the feedback you deserve.  Any issues,  message us direct and we'll be on hand to help.  Have a great day, Miss Moore and the year 6 team.

From Mrs. Ford

Hello everyone
A lot of you know Mrs. Ford loves a poem or two
So just for fun if you give me a theme, then I’ll try to write a poem for you
Then maybe you could try to write one too
Stay safe and well everyone
Mrs Ford


Hello all!
We hope you are keeping safe and are keeping yourselves busy whilst being at home.
Whilst completing all the learning you have been set by your teachers, please do not forget about keeping active!!
PE is important to everyone so please make sure you’re finding time in the day to complete this. From kicking a football in your garden, to completing a daily PE lesson with Joe Wicks, any exercise you can do is important. Mr TIerney has been doing his daily exercises🙂
Here is a few links for you and everyone at home to enjoy:
We are so proud of you all, keep up the hard work and we can’t wait to get back to having our PE lessons with you all.
All the best,
Mr Tierney🏏 and Mr Slocombe⚽️

From Mrs. Bennett

A massive Hello to all of the children that Mrs Bennett works with, morning group, lunchtime club and sensory, not forgetting all of my year 6 classes - missing your smiley faces 😊
I hope that you are all safe and well and just trying to do your best you can.
Well done to all of you for adjusting and getting on with your learning at home in different ways.
I am loving all the photo's from your grown up's on the Twydall Facebook Page - keep it up!
Take care and see you all soon 
Oh and year 6 - make sure your not being too cheeky 😏
Missing you all
Mrs Bennett ❤️

From Mrs. Page and Mrs. Deasy

Hi kids!!
Myself and Mrs Page have missed being on the gate in the mornings seeing all of your faces. We hope you are all keeping safe and trying to do as much learning as you can, but remember to have fun and spend time with your family!!
Some of you may see us around, so give us a wave if you do.
Take care, hopefully see you all soon.

From Mrs Deasy and Mrs Page.


From Miss, Simpson and Miss. Simpson!

Hey everyone! 
Just to say that we are missing you all and can’t wait to hear about all the exciting learning you have been doing. 
It is all very strange for everyone at the moment but we can make the best of things with the help of those around us. 
Remember your adults are trying their best and maybe you could be the teacher and show them all the brilliant things you know. 
Learning is important but so is taking time for yourself. Maybe paint a picture, go on a bug hunt, read a book or curl up on the sofa and watch a film( We are right now with our dogs Missy and Hendrix).
Keep safe and see you all soon! 
 Love (old) Miss Simpson and (Young) Miss Simpson x

Acacia Class

A big hello from Miss Sheridan! I hope you are all ok and keeping safe. I miss seeing your happy, smiling faces in school but it makes it a lot easier being able to see you and your fantastic learning on Tapestry. I have seen some amazing number work, exercising, reading, writing and inventions. You are all doing amazing and I am so proud of all of you. I cannot wait to see what activities you get up to this week.

Please don't forget to put them on Tapestry so we can see what you get up to.

Have another amazing week Acacia Class.


Beech Class

Hi Beech class and year 6, 

I hope you are all well- enjoying some of the lovely sunshine we have been having and time with the people you love.

Thank you so much for your hard work in our new ‘virtual school’. I know it is challenging to concentrate at home as there are so many more distractions than in class. I have really delighted in interacting with many of you on the chat posts. It has been a week of fun with fractions in maths so far and its nice to hear some of the adults at home are learning too!

I’m really pleased to see the effort that has been put into some of the assignments we have been setting for you. There have been some really informative presentations for geography about Punjab.

Keep up the hard work!

Mr Hasan