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Twydall Primary School

Twydall Primary School

Care, Courtesy, Commitment and
Consideration in our Community

Creative Friday

As part of our commitment to the holistic development of all our children we have this year introduced " Creative Fridays" as a way of offering experiences which otherwise the pupils might not have access to. 

The afternoon will be divided into 2 sessions with children allocated , where possible to the activities that they have chosen from the range offered. These include sport, music and other sessions such as Lego and board games. Most of these have been developed in house and are run by Teaching Assistants and HTLA's. However, some are led by outside groups, such as The Boom Academy,  and Gillingham Football Club.

This is a new initiative and it will hopefully develop the cultural capital of our pupils while developing a sense of well-being and enjoyment. The teaching staff will be on site during this time. Class teachers will be involved in the joint planning of lessons both across subject specialisms and year groups.  This will improve the consultancy of learning across the school and facilitate the cascading of good practice.