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Twydall Primary School

Twydall Primary School

Care, Courtesy, Commitment and
Consideration in our Community

Year 6 Residential

Check out our facebook pages for our regular update, apologies for the technical difficulties in the last few days.

Day 1 - Monday- we left school in good spirits eager to begin the fun.....

Once we arrived and unpacked we split into 3 groups - 45, 46, 47 this helps us and the instructors keep a track of who to work with. There is so much here and so many other schools.

Day 2 - Tuesday - Let the full days of fun begin...

Before lunch we faced some great activities - Initiative tasks/fencing/problem solving/archery/obstacle challenge. By the end of lunch we were pretty excited about what we might be up to next...

We have a number of photos of us completing the next few activities, Mr Purser particularly got stuck in with the Tech Challenge - his wheel barrow ideas were brilliant.

Day 3 - Wednesday - The fun continues... what a beautiful hot sunny day... many of our faces have caught the sun!

Busy from breakfast to bedtime we didn't stop. The highlight for all of us today was the 3G Swing. We worked in teams to pull pairs up to a height before they released themselves and swung away - some photos are on our facebook pages; our faces once we let go where an absolute hoot to see and will be zoomed in on as soon as we can get them on our gallery.

We went to bed with very little fussing tonight as we were all worn out. Showers, hahaha some of us need to work on our use of shampoo, were quick before bedtime and once our heads hit our pillows we slept like logs. Few of us woke during the thunder storm.

Day 4 - Thursday - All of us got up well today but are feeling more and more drained of energy to keep up the steady pace of activities...

The staff have been really proud of our pupils, they have shown great courage and determination today.  We have been witness to a number of pupils frightened of the heights, push themselves to get on with things without encouragements from others, some even being brave enough to be first in line for new tasks.

It's been another action packed day, we've had Leap of Faith/Laser/Team games, Chariots, a swimming session - when Mr Purser got pushed in fully clothed; climbing and more laser/team games before dinner. The campfire session will see us busy until bedtime by which time we'll all be wanting more showers and a comfy bed.... we're soooo tired.

No photos have been added to this album yet.